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Its an invasion………….

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Grab your alfiol, make your beanie, run around waving your hands in the air while yelling

The Aliens are coming…………..

The Aliens are coming…………..

Cue alien music………


The Mothership has landed!!

But its Ok, take off your beanie, lower your arms & stop the yelling. These are the most friendliest Aliens you will ever meet 🙂

I have made them using the tute from lemon squeezy home she has a free d/loadable pattern that is sooooo easy its just crazy! You will notice a slight difference in Christies aliens and mine but thats ok I like to do things differently.

I must say if you are a novice softie maker, or just want a quick & easy to whip up alien this is a go-to pattern. I made 1 yesterday & had the other 3 finished before breakfast this morning.

So I would like you to meet, Phep, Gheth, Uzhi & Opho






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I am a mum of 2 great kids who runs a small business from home. I love to sew & machine embroider

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