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Are you a Minion fan ? I must admit that now my kids are older and no longer into the latest movie from Disney Pixar or Dreamworks I get a bit lost on the who’s who of kids movies. Anna and Elsa who are they??  Its a lot easier on my wallet and the Mummy guilt of but Muuuuuùuuuuuum everyone has 5 billion of the latest released movie toys and we neeeeeed to go to the fast food outlets coz they have xyz figurines to collect – 50 of them that are our for 3weeks only………
Yeah I don’t miss that bit at all! But back to Minions they seem to have a following that is huge! And Minion quotes always make me smile. Recently I was asked to make a minion outfit for a baby and I just love how it turned out.


Now my teenage sonis saying but Muuuuuùuuuuuum I neeeeeed one of those beanies too !! Sheesh better get the hooks out again


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I am a mum of 2 great kids who runs a small business from home. I love to sew & machine embroider

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