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Well this is a little embarrassing……

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It’s been way too many months since a post but life has been crazy busy! Working full time doesn’t leave much time for anything else, then Saturdays are spent scoring cricket for my sons team and Sundays are spent doing all the chores. It really does suck!

But I am now on holidays and hoping to spend a lot of time in the sewing den making a dent in the huge piles of fabrics I have stashed and working my way through my sewing bucket list.

Merry Christmas every one
Tina xxx


Sprocket Pillow

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Just finished this groovy pillow for Sir Dreamsalot.

He is our 13yr old who loves playing the guitar so when I saw this guitar fabric I had to have it. There was only a small piece so I was limited in what I could do. This pattern had caught my eye so I teamed it with red panne velvet & wallah

ImageVery easy and fun to make 🙂

Crossing something from the Bucket List

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Not my ‘Life” Bucket list but my Sewing Bucket List 🙂

Ta-dah my new Emaline Bag

Internal slip pocket on one side

and a nice zippered pocket on the other.

Originally the colour choice was:

But I didnt have enough of the teal fabric so I dug into my stash & found a green that would work and went with it instead. This is the first time I have used this pattern & even though there was unpicking, re-reading & then running out of thread!  I will use it again but I will make a couple of minor changes in how it goes together. Nothing major just will ‘do it my way’. Its a nice roomy bag that will get plenty of use.

Looks like I may be making another one sooner than planned as Miss Lankylegs has requested a black/blue combo now 🙂 And we all know if it catches the eye of a teenage girl than it must be good cool.

Now how am I supposed to get these made?

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Blissfully cutting out some PJ pants for MOI yes me lastnight when I heard pitter patter of little feet along the pattern & fabric………one guess :

Yes Miss Stitches had come to see what I was up too, spotted fabric & paper & invited herself to join me. Before stopping to take the photo I was heard saying “For shits shake Stitches I am going to cut your bloody nose off if your not careful” you see as she walked along the pattern she then spotted my hand (and obviously not the scissors) and stared rubbing like cats do.

Then just as cats do she posed for a series of photos:

At this point I gave up went & had a cuppa in the kitchen, when I returned she had lost interest &  gone to sleep near the bookcase so I managed to finish the PJ pants :


Well almost finish they still need the ‘lacky 😉 but thats tomorrows job 🙂

Stepping out of the comfort zone

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AKA the sewing den.

I was blissfully enjoying a nice quiet morning indulging in some fabric cutting for my new bag which is on my Sewing Bucket List

This was to be my combination BUT not enough of the teal solid so ended up with a green.

Anyway my happiness was broken when hubby (must give him a nickname!) asked me to help him with some stuff he had to do today. I grumbled but ageed as A) he couldnt do it on his own & B) I do really like to spend time with him (but dont tell him that!!!)

First stop was the supermarket for his smokes, yes I know bad habit but its his not mine & he is well and truely old enough to know better. He returns with:

Ok so now he has suitable bribed me we head off with me munching on choccy 🙂

We get to where we need to be & hubby gets the forklift going, I was following in the car & enjoying the scenery, and another row of chocolate 🙂

After awhile helping out where I can I mention the forklift looks fun so he obliges me & lets me have a try !!

It was fun & I ended up driving it a bit to help him out, made the job a bit quicker too !!

Forgot to get hubby to take a pic of me in action but that is my foot up there ^^ in my Rossi work boots!! I dont wear them often, give me 2″ heels anyday! LOL

There are safety signs & other wording all over this machine, I liked this one ^^

It says, DANGER in case of rollover

  1. Dont jump
  2. Brace feet
  3. Hold on tight
  4. Lean the other way

Yeah not in any hurry to try this out! Planned on keeping all 4 wheels in the ground & I did 🙂

So sometimes its good to step out of your comfort zone & try something different. I did & loved it had a wonderful day with my hubby & really enjoyed my shower when we got home!

And you know what my fabric was right where I had left it waiting patiently…………….which it can do until tomorrow 🙂

Thinking up a project

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This could be dangerous, I would like a new doona cover for our bed and well can’t find anything I like so now I am contemplating making one.

Did I mention our bed is a king sized bed?

This is going to need more thought, some calculations and then eventually a fabric shopping trip, not to mention I think my Mums help!! Not that she knows that yet lol

Peace n Love n Ruffles

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Well it seems Sir Dreamsalot (AKA our 13yr old son) is feeling better so he is back to school today. Poor mitte had bronchitis boarding on pneumonia for the last 6 days 😦 I am glad he is on the mend but it also means back to work for me. While I enjoy my job, I have really enjoyed the last few days of family carers leave as it meant I wasnt sick & I spent all the time enjoying my sewing room.

Yesterday I started this gorgeous girl & manged to get her stuffed & sealed while watching the QLD origin team kick the NSW teams butt 🙂

She still needs her eyes & mouth but I just have to share before I head out the door to work.

Just a ruffle or two


A foot and an arm poking through


A cute little nose


 Look  at those frills

Awaiting her face.

I will get her finished after work tonight & show you how she looks & give links to the pattern, Oh gosh is THAT the time better get to work!!!!!!!!!!!!