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Telling Time…………..

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Well speaking of time, its been a long time since I blogged!! But I have been doing heaps of stitching & I also work full time, so why arent I there today you ask……………simple I am sick !! Have the flu & so does Sir Dreamsalot (aka our 13yr old son) so I decided to spend a little time working on something that has been floating about in my head & I am pretty chuffed with how it turned out : First I went on a fabric hunt over the school holidays & found the perfect piece in New Zealand from Sew Pretty Fabric & Craft first time I had ordered from the company & believe me it wont be the last!!

  I cut 1 circle from fabric & then ironed on 2 layers of interfacing.

Next I worked out the spacings for the numbers (buttons) on the back of the clock face. This took a little bit of maths that I hadnt used for awhile, certainly cleared out some cobwebs!!


Next was button selection……………………that was hard, did I want 2 colours, lots of colours and then what sizes or shapes or hmmmm lets just run our fingers through the buttons & play with them for awhile, its very theraputic you know 😉

And TA-DAH finally finished my new clock for my sewing den 🙂

What do you think?