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Funky Monkey

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I have had this pattern sitting in my stash for awhile now and finally dragged it out to try.

I have made other patterns by Melly & Me before and adored them. This one not so !

I even had to contact Mel as there are markings missing from the pattern pieces. And going by the reply I received she has been selling this pattern for years & I am the first to bring it to her attention!

Anyways onto Magoo…………..or in our house Mike the Monkey!

Here is the finished result ………


I ended up doing his arms differently as the whole slip stitching them to the outside is painful so I positioned them in the side seams & stitched that way, I also encased the legs into the seams rather than hand baste them & have an exposed seam. Next time(if there is one) I will leave the limbs unstuffed, stitch them into the body seams & stuff once turned (leaving an opening for stuffing of course )

He is missing his tuft of hair & whites on his eyes simply because he has been pilfered by the teenage son who remarkably resembles Mike with his own long limbs & tuft of wayward hair!

Onto the next pattern………………..

Tina xx


Its an invasion………….

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Grab your alfiol, make your beanie, run around waving your hands in the air while yelling

The Aliens are coming…………..

The Aliens are coming…………..

Cue alien music………


The Mothership has landed!!

But its Ok, take off your beanie, lower your arms & stop the yelling. These are the most friendliest Aliens you will ever meet 🙂

I have made them using the tute from lemon squeezy home she has a free d/loadable pattern that is sooooo easy its just crazy! You will notice a slight difference in Christies aliens and mine but thats ok I like to do things differently.

I must say if you are a novice softie maker, or just want a quick & easy to whip up alien this is a go-to pattern. I made 1 yesterday & had the other 3 finished before breakfast this morning.

So I would like you to meet, Phep, Gheth, Uzhi & Opho





A very special visitor

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Recently a great group I am a member of decided to embark on a project.

This is where it all started

Then she came to visit me Ohhh I was sew excited.

You can read of her adventures here

I cant wait to read about her Melbourne adventure 🙂


Tina xx


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…………………to my little blog in the huge blogsphere of the internet!


So who am I & what do I do???

Well I am Tina a mum who is surviving a teenage daughter & a tween son. Wife to a great bloke who puts up with my sewing obsessions but doesnt understand them!! A bit of a rev head when it comes to having fun in or paddock with the go-kart and someone who loves to sew.

I also work full time for the Education dept & do as much sewing as possible on the holidays as during the term time is very limited! I run my own web page & you may have seen me on facebook

As I start this blog I also start a self imposed 6 week fabric diet no fabric buying allowed before 1st Sept 2011 why you ask well its simple I have way tooo much fabric as it is & really need to use some of it up so that when I can buy more there is room to put it!

I wont be blogging daily & quite possibly not even weekly it will be when I find 10mins to sit still & update, probably mostly things I make with links to things I like on the net 🙂


So until next time

Fairy Blessings